Reviews for "Strip Ware Inc."


the music is really annoying! and the game is really hard to play

Would be great fun except...

OH MY GOD IS IT HARD. Come on, the hard level is just insane. It took me 20 minutes to get up to half the points needed to win due to the Negative point RED Square thing. After going up and down, up and down, when I answered one (1) question wrong I lost all my points!!! I don't need to tell you I CUSSED at my computer, then at the game, then at YOU. If you make a game, at least don't make it so frustrating for the player that they want to find it's maker and break their computer so they can't make more games. Other than that crazy sh*t this game could be a great addition to a game library. Without changes I will never play again.

Canberra may be the capitol of Australia...

... but that doesn't change the fact that he misspelled "Tungsten". Overall, a decent game, but too glitchy. I noticed that the circuit game gives you unlimited tries. Oh well, what it lacks in originality it makes up for in nudity.


Really cool. I finally beat it on hard too...

Oh, everyone right click and press vortex...free minigame...just putting that out there.

Very good, just a little rough around the edges

Very good game, but it could stand for a little polishing:

1) I would redo the minigames to all be mouse-only. Sometimes it was just too unclear what to do. Also get rid of that stupid fucking memory game or like triple the time; after I figured it out I only beat it like once. It's unreasonably hard.

2) Jesus christ, I'm a fast reader, but I couldn't read those damn questions fast enough to answer them. At least double the time you give to answer, maybe more. I made the same mistakes when I first made my own quiz games so I undertand. The users don't have the questions memorized, you do. Give us time to read AND think about them. Also for the love of god double check your grammar and spelling and go easy on the commas.

3) A little more notification would be nice. Something that says +X POINTS! or -X POINTS when you win or lose minigames or quizzes would be nice. Hell I didn't even know when I got some of the questions wrong.

4) Be a little nicer with the red score penalties; the game drags on way too long most of the time and after Memory beating the shit out of you hitting a NEGATIVE 130 almost made me X the game a few times. The green positive one should ALWAYS be more than the red negative one, I think. The game balance as it is tends to want your score to never really go up, and it gets frusutrating. A fast game needs to let you finish it in a reasonable amount of time, especially with that background music...

As a fan of the Warioware series I do say very well done. I hope to see some new versions or a more polished version soon!