Reviews for "Ninjaman!"


mmm very good game, i liked the first level, bu in the seconf level i realised you dont have to kill anything.
I did the whole level losing only 10 health, and thats from landing on thorns :(
Cant wait for the later levels though :D

Only ninja can kill ninja; human hands are useless

As a ninja, I can only say, the graphics/gameplay were awesome, but it was a little too cute for my taste, probibly because it is vector; I'm more of a ninja gaiden fan, but this was hysterical for flash! keep up the good work.

have i played this before

this game was pretty good it was sorta like ninja giaden and prince of persia fused together but then had a budget lose and had to lower the game play but still is a good game

but it should have a chick in little cloths.

Was this your first animation?

This can't have been your first animation! If it was then you either had alot of animating experience or worked for ages on it. This is how I thought you could improve it. Well, I think there should be a form of money, (points, gold etc.) and you get them from the things you kill. With the money, you should be able to buy stuff from somewhere because when I was playing Ninjaman!, I just kept jumping over enemies cause there was almost no use in killing them.


Sweet game! Fun, simple and not to difficult.