Reviews for "Ninjaman!"


Oh I completely forgot about this one! Presentation-wise it's pretty rough around the edges and the same music fading in and out all the time's annoying but the gameplay holds up really damn well, controls are tight and responsive, very fun and satisfying combat with being able to juggle enemies, Ninjaman himself has a cool design, the levels are f*cking huge and require a little more than just going left-to-right, I really wish this had been a full game, maybe also a little more challenging since you can just run past 90% of the enemies.

Good memories

After beating the game and playing it for 28 minutes and 47 seconds I am going to leave my review.
When you first start this game, it is much fun, you start getting better over time (learning new combos) and finding different ways of killing your enemy. That was fun, but there is a thing:
When you get close to the end, it gets pretty boring and you have a very small amount of HP. I would recommend adding a final boss and HP packs or something like that.
Anyways, great game, it was fun at first, but got annoying and difficult close to the end. Good job!;)

ahh memories