Reviews for "Ninjaman!"


Wow, this is a really great game. there are a few issues i need to adress... One, the down-attack move is overpowered and i found myself spamming it through the entire game and got through with little difficulty... All of the other moves are quite fun though, so unless someone wants a boring game i doubt they would spam downattack... Second, the sound, while the SFX are quite good, quite frankly the music sucks... It would be nice to have an option implemented to turn music off though... I found myself mostly listening to "Bloody Tears" all the way through... Other than that, this is an excellent game... The sort of game that if continued could be likened to Alien Hominid...

Impressive, Most Impressive

Wow, this was an absolutly mind blowing Flash game, anyone who has actually tried to program in Flash must know how long this has taken you to get this good. Games like this dont just make themselves. I enjoyed every second of this, and then sat and watched my mate play it through also. The only downside i can see to this is that you have to top it with your next release, which means your gona have a lot of work to do lol. Goodluck for the Future and well done on a great first release.


Wow, even though people give this game bad reviews and say its repetitve and crap like that, the combo and double jump make for some pretty slick acrobatics, not to mention the dive roll.Very nice.*claps*

Nice but short

that was very short only 2 lvls and its annoyign how wen ther r no enemys around the song stops

found a bug

totaly kick ass game, but there was a bug where i jumped into a wall and got stuck.