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Reviews for "-Orr- Larry's Theme"


This theme is just so totally epic! I love the sense of urgency it has, like sort of saving the world or of course in Larry's case, kingdom from the evil gnomes. It is just perfect for him and I could happily sit listening to it all day.


It's one of the best music EVER of newgronds dude!


In one of my previous reviews I had mentioned I loved anything middle age themed, (I think this because it's my favorite time period) and this is no exception. P.S: In my opinion, the end should fade out a little if your only play it once with no loop in it. Just an opinion though.


its the right song for larry and i have played all the larry games so i know that this is perfect for him!!keep up the good work jazza!!!! ohh and a sequal of larry and the gnomes would be awsome!!!!! keep it up!

So beautiful!

I love this song. This fits Larry in every way.