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Reviews for "-Orr- Larry's Theme"


I heard a little bit of the battlefeild kinda thing at the beginning but that just outs the icing on this triple layered awesome cake!! ~Syoran-Yomosuki


Awesome, my vote made this 4.01

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you!


I'm failing to see why this song has a rating below 4. I love songs with an epic feel to them, and this is nothing less than epic. Its really fitting the way its used in the Larry animations. It makes me feel as though what I have just watched is awesome (which is indeed the case). If you make any more songs for the Larry series, I hope you make them with the same excellent quality.


This song reminds me a lot of the BF2142 music theme.

:) very nice

love it...should be theme for an epic video game!