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Reviews for "-Orr- Larry's Theme"

wo wo wo wo wooooooooo

i give you credit even the greatest artist cant do all that i give 10/10

Seems to fit the seris so far...

Just after the trumpets I guess and before the keyboard?sounds nearly exact to Castle Crashers on the xbla

Sounds familiar.

Both the beginning and end sound very familiar to the tune EA and DICE put into their Battlefield Series of games. I like it.


This music reminds me of soemthing.... people say form Sonny and yes it does.... but it also reminds me of somethingelse... i just cant rememeber what.

Loved the music.

I thought i recognized some repetition in the music, so i went and researched a bit. The song reminds me of Sonny and Sonny 2 all because Orr is the man who did the songs for Sonny!
Nice song dude.

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks! I did do the music to Sonny 1 and 2, a bunch of which can be found right here on Newgrounds.