Reviews for "8-Bit Theater Part 5"

That wuz tha illis s*** I eva did c

yeah 1

Yay for 8BT!

Another Job well done! :D

I really love the easter egg you put in there, it totally made my day!
(and no if you didn't find it yet, for those of you viewing, I'm not telling you how to find it! XP ) Keep up the good work!

I think I also found my life's quote:

Time is money and when I say that I mean yours!


this was very good for being 8 bit has sound too!

this was very good for being 8 bit it even had sound thats a big one for me i hate all the crap movies that have only text for it overall this is a good movie :)


I liked it and you fools can't say no!

Nice flash man

This is better than the lame sprite movies that people make on Newgrounds. WAY better. Anyway keep up the good work