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Reviews for "DOUG FUNNY!"


I loved that Doug show as a kid, and seeing a parody of it really made my day. That was really good animating, and the video quality was decent. I forgot about the show's theme song, and I was really happy once I heard it. When he turned blue I thought I was going to die! Anyway, I really like this submission and keep up the great work!



that was great

quality was kinda of sucky
but i loved it =D


nice work dude.that was funny as hell

Haha, so weird!

What just happened? Wow, that was a mindtrip. It just flew by so fast and left me stunned! Great work, just too bad that it was so short.

((( WOW )))

Wow this gets all my 10;s cause you have the right idea and it was very impressive doug has always been a fave of mine glad to see he is still used around here, very nice work on this it was enat, keep up the great work...

More of this uniqness...

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