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Reviews for "DOUG FUNNY!"


i dont usually like filmed stuff but this is ok

i pattied on ur mayonaise lol

Hehe that was funny totally original 2 it could do with being a bit longer n te voices werent really clear but i liked lol been wonderin wen some doug stuff would come on newgrounds weve had nerly every other cartoon character ever up here lol nice nice make a sequel put some more action into it and make the voices a bit clearer hope ya find this review helpful:0


Interesting style, but when you're blending live action with animation, you should use a fixed camera, or else it looks pretty stupid.


Okay today the fucking retarded barney bunch declared Drew Pickles day so people are ganna be blamming everything in the portal in fear of it being drew pickles shit, if this gets blammed re-submit it tomarrow

- NICE great job


that wishy-washy punk doug finally gets his! and the dialog! LOL! i "pattied on your manyonnaise"!!!! HAHA! I gotta admit i liked the facial expression of "bill".. this looked so amatuerish, but thats what made it so great! he musta turned down some serious offers for acting lessons! KEEP IT UP!!!