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Reviews for "DOUG FUNNY!"

Great idea

Wow! I never thought of doing this kind of stuff in flash. This was pretty cool. The graphics needed a little tweaking (I can't help thinking that Doug looked too tall) and the audio was'nt very clear, but the idea was pretty darn awesome.

Helluva Funny

I couldn't stop laughing. I was once a fan of the show "DOUG". Too bad they took it off the air. Oh well that was then and this is now. That flash was very funny

Great concept!

I love it when Flash is used to integrate animation and video! It was poorly done, but it was funny and interesting. It was hilarious to see you, or whoever it was, strangling a poorly animated Doug Funny. Nice work.

umm...that was strange...

Doug Funny, something I kinda rember from when I was younger. I didn't know it still existed or anyone even...well cared about it. Because, really I don't. Now my opinon is not what I review by, but still the movie was not that good. The problems were one, it was way too short and I had to watch it twice to understand what was happening. Also, as I said before Doug Funny is not the most well known cartoon or pop culture refrence. Anyway it was ok but could have been much better. While I try to rember anything else about that show I give you a four out of ten.

Need more EXP befor submitting flash

Okay that was kinda funney. No pun intended