Reviews for "Exotec - Crystal Skies"

Listened to the first 2 minutes then downloaded

I'll listen to the rest later, I know i'm going to like it


Exotec responds:

haha, thank you! i hope you enjoy the rest as well :)

nice beat and tune

this kinda matches the techno beat but the other parts are in match with trance.
the drumbeats were very active and a clear tune so we know which is which and a nice song itself.

and i still can't describe it. what other things should i say?

(hmm. sounds like a prison break madness of somesort in my view. beacuse of the siren. don't you think so?)

1010 55 no slashes because i like it that way.

Exotec responds:

hahaha, never thought of it that way, but sure :P thank you for your support!! More new music soon! :)


the sudden change aroun 1:40 caught me off guard but overall this is a great song. please make more.

Exotec responds:

Will do :)

Long, catchy...

Amazing song man; The flow is enough to keep me intrigued and just keep on listening from beginning to end. I love the mix of sound, and the breaks in between kept me guessing what it was going to open up too. I would say this is one of the greatest songs on New Grounds to grace my ears. Great job! Keep it up, man!

Exotec responds:

WOOT! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the tunes! :)


Exotec is more or less the greatest audio creator on NG, and this masterpiece further proves it. The flow, the tune, the tempo, the melody, everything is just so amazing!

You kept me beating my head and tapping my feet from 00:01 until 07:21.

Definitely 10/10, 5/5

Exotec responds:


You have no idea how much we value your review, it really inspires us to keep creating when people tell us they enjoy our music! It's people like you that keep Exotec alive... so thank you very much. we greatly appreciate the support from great fans like you! :)