Reviews for "Exotec - Crystal Skies"

melody is awesome

I love the melody and I'm a huge fan of great melodies....favorited 5/5 9/10

Exotec responds:

thanks!! i really appreciate it, i actually have some new songs in the making that have EPIC melodies (almost eargasmic) so stay tuned for new music! :) thank you for listening.

Like it.

The melody part is great. The hardstyle part is ok, but i dont like it too much. Since thats probably because Im more a fan of melodies though, i still give you 5/5, 9/10!

Exotec responds:

i understand, i am a sucker for a good melody as well lol, our new tracks employ more melody, so if you are interested, be sure to check those as well! thank you for the review! :)


Cool song. Liked it. I dont make music, so I cant give you any criticism. lol. I think I'll go eat something now.

Exotec responds:

haha thx man, i appreciate it!


I have to admit the hell is that. You throwed the best parts around the whole melody making it freaking long and making mediocre parts. Still I guess that s your style and I won t change cuz even if it is freaking long it is good so CHEERS!!!

Exotec responds:

thank you, this is one of our older songs, so i will admit it is repetitive, but check out our newer tracks for a more short and sweet sound :P


I like that melody in the middle, sounds pretty cool. I also love the chord progression ( practically eargasmic). The transitions are nice too.

Anyways, mind if I remix this? I think I could make a pretty cool progressive trance song out of this. I'll also send you a pm.

5/5 10/10


Exotec responds:

thank you, and sure, you can make a remix, but make sure to tell me when you're finished, so i can check it out :)