Reviews for "Exotec - Crystal Skies"


ya so this is going into my next DJ set, just saying.

Exotec responds:

Seriously!? NICE! I can't tell you how much we appreciate that! :) Do you film your shows? because we would love to see that set, haha :P


I loved this track, it was like a song without words it was un belivable!

Exotec responds:

haha, thank you! :)


I haven't heard good new electronica in so long... been listening to the same stuff for soe long. This is both an amazing song, and very refreshing personally. Reminds kinda of Basshunter imo... some of his mid-earlier stuff, at least.

Anyways, great job, nice song, love the bass!

Disjointed, but the parts are good.

That opening sounds like epic boss fight music, actually. The rest of the song seemed almost inconsistent after that. It's cool that it wasn't just a re-hash of what you opened with for seven minutes, but even with the drop-out transition, the whole style of the music seems disjointed. It's all great, mind, but I don't think everything here belongs in the same song, if you know what I mean. Maybe three movements of some scene you're seeing each of these bits depict, in smaller, more bite-size chunks. It's hard to rate this, because it's certainly not bad, but it's strange. Maybe I don't get it because I'm not into the dance/club scene (or at all, as a matter of a fact) as much as I am just straight-up into the music.


idk if thats a siren or screaming ppl but i can't tell the diff, but it seems to be a good song so keep it up

Exotec responds:

haha, we think it sounds like an air raid siren :P we used it to add a bit of eeriness to the track :P but thank you for your review and support! :)