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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"


Lol its a pretty danm good game i thought it was gonna suxs when i whent in to it but i like how u made us go through all the game types b4 showing he naked lol but 1 question....at the end......i un git why she gits a new suit made out of metroids...i mean...maby it wud have bin better if we got to fight her agin in that suit as like..a twist or sommin?
But anyway nice game lol


you don't fuck her, and you don't see her pussy, gilman its challenging not too hard u jst suck.... ending was cool, but u should've made the chozo level, blow off her armor in hard, see the metroids, and then do metroid mode, blow them off, then you can fuck her.


Ok well it I liked almost all aspects of the game it definately takes a good 10-20 mins to beat (hint the mines do barely any dmg allowing you to focus on her)


there should be away to get hp in this. that was the only slipup

too easy

had almost all health when i completed hard mode. no reason to play since there is no reward :/. if you cant beat it focus on destoying the bombs she drops when shes rolling but when shes spinning through air shooting missiles shoot a little bit ahead of her in a parabolic path and you shud get her before she moves from 1 side of screen to the other