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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"


dude u think u coulda made hard any harder?!? i couldnt beat it.:(

oh, okay

to the review below me, i think the purpose was so the user would win.
tip: if you run low on energy, dont hold dont and just repeatedly press left click, you'll shoot just as fast while recharging your energy.

My dreams have been realized!!!

Not only do I get to see Samus naked but it is a fun game too! I played the hard level like three times though just because it was fun. Now we just need one with Lulu for FFX!

Its not too hard

It was easy on hard but good game

Tough, But rewarding game.

I thought this game was really good, Art was nice. The game was hard enough to give me a challenge, but easy enough to keep me going, and seeing Samus at the end kinda gave me the feeling" Nice, I did it." You should definitely make more.