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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"

Good job

Great job with this, it's a very good game, fun to play to, it'd be awesome if you posted some more of your stuff here. And too you furry haters, theres no need to yell and curse about it,just say you don't like it or not interested, no reason to make a bad post over how it looks, or htat you dislike it so start cursing. But rate it over its quality and the time and work the person put in it.

Great game

Someone should tell Samus that putting the toughest armour on the OUTSIDE of her armoured spacesuit is a much better idea than using it for underwear. :)

Other than that awesome game. It got much easier once I realised I don't have to click the mouse for every shot. :)

lol good game

lol good game love the tatoo :)

hint: u dont have to shoot the missles when she is using spin jump only her and dont attack her wen she is in morph ball only the bombs

It's good like the rest

Personally, I have to say that this game was always good, even bofore it was posted here on Newgrounds. You're other works' are just as good, I think.

Wow i cant believe I gave it full 10's

I clicked on this by mistake but I couldn't have been more pleased. I accually got down to 2 pieces of armour in hard mode before I discovered that if you hold your mouse you get rapid fire. The graphics are very smooth and so is the gameplay; the game is fun on its own but then it adds the seeing Samus nude part...NICE. The sounds matched the game perfectly and frankly the concept is funny. No matter how you look at it it deserves full 10's.Please make another...oh and the furry stuff is cool too but I don't like the kangaroo.