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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


The person before me, like most of the "youngins", do not appreciate the NES like the children of the 80s (including yours truly) do. I laughed and loved it!

it was ok but it didnt really make sense

uh..thats about all!


I liked the idea of showcasing some of the horrible deaths in the games. Like when you think you're alright and then BAM enemy kills you out of nowhere. The fake scenes kinda ruined it though, if it was all scenes that could happen, this movie would be a favorite of mine.

Fair ... no better.

Being a gamer since pong (and a 2D animator), I expected to find some enjoyment out of this ... but all I saw was disappointment. Inconsistent music volume, slow pace, and depicting scenes that never happened in the games (Final Fantasy 1 and SMB) did little to light my nostalgic flame. The only scene that brought a smile was seeing Belmont miss his jump after being smacked by a medusa head (which frustratingly happened as often as battling slimes in Dragon Warrior). Everything else was "I'm learning flash using 8bit sprites" quality. The idea was good, but the author should've been embarrassed to show this to anyone other than a few close friends.

Overall this is kool

You take a good song, and put it with good games...Whats better?