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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


good but could improve a little


the only thing good about this was the 8-bit chipsets (music) in the beginning and the end. otherwise this just bored me and wasted my time. :( sorry

Not a bad tribute at all

Some of the original drawings looked a little odd (the Duckhunt gun for example), and the constant deaths of some of the Nintendo characters kinda worn a little thin, but overall, I did like the music set to this, and the animation was nicely done.

Nice. Very nice.

Man I love the old games. You name a system before the dreamcast and I have it. Except for a genesis. that got lost. :'(


for once people are starting back at their roots, f**k this new x-box 360, i have a PS1 and an N-64 and i'm proud!(my NES and Atari both, sadly, are broken. . .)