Reviews for "Sonic Shorts Collection"


God that was so funny my favorite one was How to annoy Shadow. Shadow's just standing there then he hears a slurp he turns to sonic and sees he's the one slurping then Sonic looks at Shadow and is like *slrup* that was super funny so was Sonic Coffee make more they r funny!! Where do u get your ideas!!

The Best thing ever!

This is so freakin cool. Normaly people do movies with low quality but this is the best movie ever!!
Add me to your buddie.

PS. I liked your other movie!

Seeya/ Defense

sonic isnt that dum

but at least hes not gay like on id do enythin by the way how do u make videos or movies?

thewax70 responds:

I make flash movies with Flash Professional 8.

it was very good

very nice job work on the voices though


good job:)

amazing how such little amount of sound can make a good video...and an angry shadow, anyway good job again.