Reviews for "Sonic Shorts Collection"

OMG!They're back!

Seriously,I mloved these on your DeviantART account.Glad to see you actually submitted your great flashes in one collection!I loved every single one of these,including "How to Annoy Shadow",that one's freakin' hilarious. :)

Can't wait to see the next one,and good luck with your future "Sonic Shorts"! :D



LOL!The must funny part is Sonic and a balloon!
"WOW..Is that my voice?Omg,Omg!"
Good job!

lol i found a easter egg in this!

this is one of te greatest flashes ever this is going to go on my favorites. and to every one actually reading this their is a easter egg with a master chief sonic! just click tab untill it's high lited it's right by sonic ballon. (it is hard to click!)


That was cool. Make more.


Ain't no one else makes a good Sonic video like you, keep making them man! Next time have a few more shorts in there and put a couple more characters in there. This one was absolutely SUPERB!