Reviews for "Sonic Shorts Collection"

So YOUR the REAL Wax.

Great collection, dude. Fucking loved it and not just because I'm a Sonic fan, because the animation and art is fucking PERFECT!!!!

The best collection on newgrounds ffs!!!

Dude, seriosly this pwns, the sound is so clear and good. The grap's is so kickass good and so real, have you been working for the Sonic Team? :)

My fav whas "How to annoy Shadow", i laughed 30 mins straight :)

Keep up the good work :)

BTW: did they get that guy that pretended to be you?


thewax70 responds:

they did, they deleted everything.
and thanks for the comment :D

lol that rocked

i also loved the sonic halo thingy.
good work xD

Great movie

I've seen the on your DA galley and they're still funny after watching all over again

Wheeeeeeeee ^^

Like i said, your movies are mega great ^^ make some more, pleaseeee!!!