Reviews for "Sonic Shorts Collection"

Funny!! XD

That cracked me up! My favorite one was "Sonic Coffee". Hearing the cup break... XD

Make more of this!!!

lol so funny i nearl wet me pants

omg i nearly wet my pants...i like the sonic on coffe one soo funny


These were funny and i found a hiddin one! Keep pressing tab on the movie select screen. the middle will highlight. press enter there(or click)

oh my god.

This is awesome I did not expect the Sonic as Master Chief thing at all until I read that review that said to go left from "Sonic Coffee." Also you need to make more of these and try to make Sonic use a Keyblade because that would be great.


DO NOT WATCH THIS AT THE LIBRARY!i CRACKED UP AND NOW EVERYONE'S LOOKIN AT ME!I'm trying to look serious by making this review.