Reviews for "Boobs, Butt...? Part 2!"

#1 was sorta better but...

awww man these babes were sizzlier especially that sarah chick.

very nice

i loved it. cool game man! how did you come up with it :D

the first one was better

this version has like 3 girls thats it the first one the girls were hot and there was a couple of them

sexist bastards

what about the pervert girls...huh? that was bullshit..girls are pervs too. Losali* gives you the fingers shoves it up your ass and then transfigures it into an axe and cuts you open from your ass to your testicales...you begin to bleed badly.nha ha ha...go losali


I love your series and I hope you make a Boobs, Butt, or Shoulder 3. Thanks for making this wonderful game.