Reviews for "Boobs, Butt...? Part 2!"

That was great.

Simply amazing. The first one was good too. That host-like guy is hilarious. I'm gonna go play the first one right now...not assumeing anything...

Oh yea!

Zipperfish......teh r0xx0rz meh s0xx0rz


are you sure it wasnt them who ripped it off of this suthor?

This games takes the trick out of you!

Whoa! a second version of this. A game to test your knowledge about women. Even if you do get wrong, you will laugh at the funny insults and knock yourself on the head. I find the animation of the woman dancing great. The insults and praise has some hilarious tone to it. The pictures of three naked women will keep you playing and if you have played long enough, you will find that this has helped you in some way, sort of. This game also has a timer to see how long you take to identify the body parts. This game also has Unrelated questions to test you on other stuff. (Psst, the answer is Alabama or Captain Marvel!) Overall, it is a fun game for the male gender.