Reviews for "Boobs, Butt...? Part 2!"


It's even funnier that they made a sequel


Thanks a lot for the second edition; loved the first one and love this one. The anouncer is hilarious and completely makes this game worth playing over and over. Keep up the excellent work!


Man, when you said that you could "click to see more of them", it takes you to a site that you have to pay! I mean, what the fuck? I don't want to have to pay to see boobs, I just want to see boobs for free. Good game, all in all, but still, man. I know you're just trying to make money and shit, but go do it the honest way, and sell drugs. Oh well, that's my two cents.

Just as good as the first.

Semi-naked girls and hilarious commentary... double the fun!


got 18 right, you expect me to get a beetles question right?