Reviews for "The King"

Thank You!

Finally, A flash that is being submitted that isn't a peice of crap.

Great work on the actions. You didn't need diolouge when you had that sort of thing going on. The thought bubbles were a great Idea! I love it! Anyways, It liked the story, simple I guess. a little weird, a little confusing. but it kinda leaves the mind open to what you want to think. I like it. I no blammy.

I like corn soup

corn soup!

Loved it.

I cant say I understood the end there, but I loved it.
Great work. Great sound. Great style.
Its rare when I think I wish a flash was longer.
Great piece of work.

Cute n_n

Maybe the others don`t understand the meaning of this, it plain but very nice.
As I said it, cute.

Nice little video

It was a nice little video, but please get a pre-loader, other wize ok.