Reviews for "The King"

Thank You!

Finally, A flash that is being submitted that isn't a peice of crap.

Great work on the actions. You didn't need diolouge when you had that sort of thing going on. The thought bubbles were a great Idea! I love it! Anyways, It liked the story, simple I guess. a little weird, a little confusing. but it kinda leaves the mind open to what you want to think. I like it. I no blammy.

I like corn soup

corn soup!

Loved it.

I cant say I understood the end there, but I loved it.
Great work. Great sound. Great style.
Its rare when I think I wish a flash was longer.
Great piece of work.

Nicely done

Didn't understand the end either but it's nice to look at and the musical score is very soothing to listen to..

one single point though.. it would have been nice(r) if the fairie's wings would have "wobbled" a bit..

Great flash

Outstanding, this was a beautiful stick figure flash. The colors you chose for the figures were beautiful with the great piano and when the guy walked up his when you could hear his footsteps it sounded so realistic I knew i had to give this flash alot of credit for the excellent sound. When it showed the king having a tear fall down, that is a very minor detail but it wasnt that great it maybe should have just rolled down his face cus it looked kinda hmmm cant really think of a word to describe it but it would look more realistic if it just rolled downn his face. The sound was excellent, teh color you chose was beatiful and this is a great flash.

One of the best stick figure flashes ive seen,