Reviews for "The King"

Thank You!

Finally, A flash that is being submitted that isn't a peice of crap.

Great work on the actions. You didn't need diolouge when you had that sort of thing going on. The thought bubbles were a great Idea! I love it! Anyways, It liked the story, simple I guess. a little weird, a little confusing. but it kinda leaves the mind open to what you want to think. I like it. I no blammy.

I like corn soup

corn soup!

Loved it.

I cant say I understood the end there, but I loved it.
Great work. Great sound. Great style.
Its rare when I think I wish a flash was longer.
Great piece of work.

That was soo sad!

Wow, when it comes to making things that connect with people, that was very well done. but the ignorant people can't see the meaning. I loved it. Your graphivs are good and music choice is great.


Now I think I get the story line, and what was that circle thing he gave him? I like it anyways though. Way to go.