Reviews for "The King"

It was cute

I really liked the music. A lot. Good job.


please get a preloader, its fuckin anoying enough that its already a big file, but no preloader is worse then u dont know if its actually loading

this is just bad

ok listen for one the story line is hard to understand. 2 it is in no way funny, it has no action, and is in no way interesting i dont mean to be mean i realy like the style of the graphics pretty nice but the music story line and lenght need seriuse revamping dont be mad at me. Constructive critcism makes us better no?

Liked graphics, not much else though...

Really needs a little more plot, and I couldnt understand anything, if you used voices or subtitles that would help me out a little.


What exactly was the point of the whole thing? Consider adding some text or something because that was just really confusing to me.