Reviews for "goofy loop."

Loopy Listener Loves Goofy Loop Lunacy!

10/10! I've been letting this loop for almost forty minutes while I've been playing a browser game that had annoying music, then while checking my email and doing a little writing. It's even looping as I type this review, and I haven't gotten tired of this song at all! Definitely a fun sound that loops smoothly, keeping you interested enough to bob your head a little without being distracting from whatever task you're doing. Keep up the awesome work! I'm going to pause it now, but only so I can see what other submissions you have that I might enjoy! ^_^




i would like to say this is a very positive song its the kind of song that you would listen to when your down congrats on making this song and making everyone haappy 10 for you

Cool, I have used in my Speed drawing video

Really enjoyed the fun sound

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gju6rH u86WA

Hope you will like my work. Given due credit


This is so ridiculously awesome!!

Same thing with me. XD