Reviews for "goofy loop."

Loopy Listener Loves Goofy Loop Lunacy!

10/10! I've been letting this loop for almost forty minutes while I've been playing a browser game that had annoying music, then while checking my email and doing a little writing. It's even looping as I type this review, and I haven't gotten tired of this song at all! Definitely a fun sound that loops smoothly, keeping you interested enough to bob your head a little without being distracting from whatever task you're doing. Keep up the awesome work! I'm going to pause it now, but only so I can see what other submissions you have that I might enjoy! ^_^


THIS IS MY JAM!~ TURN IT UP!!!!!!! (this is my entrance theme from now on) XD I'd love to have this in a scary movie.

wierd but good

sounds like the same thing they used once in old PBS kids intermission sequences

This is so ridiculously awesome!!

Same thing with me. XD

Hello mattjohnson817!

I love this song so much! I use it in the a small educational game about particle physics for kids!
Super funny and inspirational :)
Do I have your permission to use it? (The game is free and of course I will credit you :) )
Thank you so much! :D