Reviews for "goofy loop."


THIS IS MY JAM!~ TURN IT UP!!!!!!! (this is my entrance theme from now on) XD I'd love to have this in a scary movie.

Me lkey :)

I put this in movie maker and made a 4 minutes loop of this i cant stop listening

it loops just fine

it's the player that's making that happen, ive heard it on every loop. even my own loops does this but not in flash/winamp/media player

Im gonna borrow this as a ringtone if i may :)


This is something I could listen to all day, I don't know why either but I really like this haha!

Hello mattjohnson817!

I love this song so much! I use it in the a small educational game about particle physics for kids!
Super funny and inspirational :)
Do I have your permission to use it? (The game is free and of course I will credit you :) )
Thank you so much! :D