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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

Loving this series

I can't get enough of that piece of toast.

Very good, again!

This episode was good for sure, it had everything youd want in another On The Moon Movie. But it didnt surpass the other episodes, or my expectations really. I still liked it, i mean if you liked the first two episodes you will like this one but you wont be totally pleased with it. Anyways here is my review.

The graphics were awesome, now i am aware PEABO did the animation, sorry about that but now i know! The drawings are good, they are smooth around the edges and are very easy on the eyes. Nice job on the actual animation too, again it was smooth. The style was great, but i still wasnt pleased with how much the story progressed in this episode. The animating style was nice though, and asnother thing you should improve on is the length if you can. The sound was awesome, very nice sound effects. The biggest thing here though is the voice acting, it was simply superb.

Overall this was a great movie, i wish it could have been longer. I said all i could say while reviewing other episodes, so im a bit speechless. Well nice work, i want to see episode 4!
~Two Thumbs Way up! 4/5

great movie

this is a great movie y love it

I'll have to disagree with seizure_dog

I think it was the best thus far. Very good job, weebl, I love your stuff. Keep it up.......or else....


Excellent diagramatic interlude ;)