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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

Finally, I laughed! Once.


I've watched all three episodes of this series so far, and hadn't found them all that funny or interesting. But the end of this one, the "carapace" joke followed by the diagram really got me good.

(The next part applies to all three episodes)

The animation and voices are top-notch and the sound is good as well, but the premise is silly and the characters aren't all that interesting or funny. Most of the jokes fall flat (with that one exception). There's potential here - I just hate to see good animation skills go to waste.

I wish I could rate this...

Flash 8 wouldn't install. I can't watch flash movies now.

it sucks that i can't watch this

well if i download flash 8 my computer will
explode... :(


It makes little sense, and it's not funny.

Good graphics, animation and sound quality, though.



Never found any of the Weebl stuff funny. And I don't get why everyone eats it up. Decent artwork though I'll give it that.