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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

Ya know....

I love shrim-like things! Everyine loves shrimp-like things! Why? O_o Because they bow to me.... *hysterical manical laughter followed by a shy cough that causes blood to spurt from her mouth right before she passes out* ((Way too much Excel Saga... O_O. But i'm cute so I can do that! ^_^))

Educational too

CARAPACE, noun: hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles.

best ep yet

coool whens the fourth one out


lmao notice how the ship looks like a sperm before it hits, great stuff such awesomeness

I love the Who!

EHEHEE! I LOVE THIS STUFF! It makes no sense, but it fills me with joy-joys! I dig that muffling when they switched floors. Of course, now I got a hard need for cheese..

.. really nothing to critque in these cartoons, the animations lovely and the voices blend well with motion. Some folks just love to see their own voice.