Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

Its a good game but needs more violence

its an ok game needs help on blood and gore but it a good game

Great game but...

Great game but i cant combine the cat hair the bat and the bottle with the sea water i dont know if its a glitch but i cant do it. I have tried many times but overall a great game.

Very Interesting game...

Still...can you plz respond and help me get past the F*****g dragon part... thx loooooooool!!!

Phantasmagor responds:

ok to get past the dragon u gotta be invisible! I dont wanna give too much away to other people but you can check out the walkthrough at:

it is kinda stupid but, ok

I think its ok but, i got nocked out of the game and forgot to save so I think you should make it so you start from where you got hurt or killed.

it's a little slow sometimes

He moves really slow in some areas is that for a reason well good job good game but some of the things were hard some were easy getting the chicken was hard untill i found out how to get the tree to give me the bear u have to talk to the lumber jack look at the bear in the tree talk to the little girl talk to the tree talk to the lumber jack n win the cutting game if u get the start u should win it starts on right then talk to the tree when you finally win