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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

A really cute game! Quite expansive and funny. I did get stuck once in the tutorial, and the mini-games were almost just difficult enough to lose too many times and despair... But other than that, loved the game itself. Including the "I serve no purpose" in the end :)

Wow nice game

Wow this was an awsome flash, it gets my 10's, the filesize was very large but still it has some great detail and graphics, and seems to have payed off, just that whole 7 meg file is what bothers me, anyways nice work keep em coming. Great graphics, awsome detail, and intense effects, alla round awsome flash i really enjoyed it, make more great stuff such as this soon.

File size, cut it if you can.


Good, funny quest game. Surprisingly good for on older game. Puzzles were decent, but all objects had just one use so game was rather easy, something you can coplete in one sitting easily. Minigames of contests, diving and sledge riding were fun.

The most serios flaw i the constant farting of main chaacter - funny for first cople of times, annoying later. Other then that very good but not great.

I was quite impressed by this game. It's mostly because you work so hard to tell the player how it works. You really earn your stuff here. I was so impressed by the details. I thought the goblin had four eyes. No, not that he was wearing glasses.

He looked like he literally had four eyes. I was just looking at his eyebrows! I like how everything is paced. Oh, there's an occasional fart too. The drawings are quite nice.

To those who stuck in the tutorial:

I think we both don't see the tutorial carefully.
It say: look the menu NOW!

so you should move your mouse up and click any menu item( so does inventory) and when you click EXIT in inventory, it can click GO now.

Then it says try to save a slot NOW,

So, you should clcik SAVE in the menu, and save any slot then click EXIT, and you can click GO now.

Hope it help others that feel confused as me before.

I think I make the mistake because of my pool English :P

It's a good game!