Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

Great game!

Wait they have SLICED bread now??!!

this game is the best thing since sliced bread

nuf said

really enjoyed it

there where only a couple of things i didnt like in the game that maybe you could add in the 2nd one. so people will not get mad when they died because they forgot too save you could add checkpoints when they get too new areas. also you could add a button at the bottom to change the music too somehting or mute it cause that one song got annoying after awhile. and last of all you should also make him burb instead of fart but other than that loved this game and i hope too see your next one soon!!!

Man this game is shit...

I rote back some review and I founded that forum with the overplay, but ...

-Walk down then right to the lumberjack then down again to the tree.
-Look at the bear in his branches.
-Go right twice and speak to the girl.
-Return to the tree and speak with him.
-Go up and speak with the lumber jack.
-Keep playing tree chopping game until you win then return to the tree and speak with him.

What u thinkin' man? I DONT sitting in the computer all of the time! Why did you do this: I stole the axe, hew the tree etc..???!??!?!?!! Pff.... And the speakers voice is very aggravating...

I dont know really

its a funny game but i keep i was playen and all of a sudden thad scarecrow hit me with some thing thad was a not nice so i dint get very far but thads me problem its a good game