Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

This game is incredible...

One of the best on Newgrounds, probably my favorite on this site. I have no idea why this isn't in the top fifty. Definately make a sequel.

Its good

This is not my fav game but it is good a bit of work on the storyline and it will be


this game rocks you rock too,I like it in the final battle if you use the potion on yourself you become big and say,
"HA! Now I can squish you like a bug! and then you shrink into nothing....I was wetting myself LOLOLOLOL!.......DUDE

Fun game

Awsome game, the only flaw i found was...... no ties, during the lumberjack part, we both hit 25 at the exact same time, both guys 'danced' but it said the lumberjack won, but then he stormed off which really mean i won. hint to players: SAVE there is a part, where if you are curious like me, u will die, and if u didnt save since the begining, it really sucks


That game was a piece of shit! I hope it gets blamed!

Na, Im yankin your chain it was a real *Cough* expirence. I had a lot of fun playing it though.