Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

not quite interested

ptnt take some time to put a little more action in this game ist so f*cking boooooring

Loved it

I love these kind of games and it was very original. Can't wait for more.

Needs Improvin

This game is Ok but gets really....and i mean relly...frustrating. How r u supposed 2 know the scarecrow is evil???

Love da UserFace

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper Here: The point of this game is to clik and observe and to experiment, so with the scarecrow you experiment to see what happens if you touch it or go near it. In the begining tutorial it explians that you must save regularly as you can die it some points during the game. SO TO EVERYONE ELSE THE SCRECROW AND MONKEY KILL YOU!!

The best online flash RPG game on NG by far!

Thank you guys for the effort in this one, obviously you guys put in some time to create this game, it took me a good 55 minutes to finish the game XD.

Reason for ratings:
Graphics: outstanding flash characters, smooth and fine animation
Style: cartoonic characters and background with brilliant vivid color selections. I suggest a more unified tone with the characters next time?
Sound: nice simple sound clips intergrated with appropriate scenes. I suggest more accurate matching with the speaking sounds and its animation (especially when the mage is talking). Btw loved the way the goblin talked, I found similarity with The Sims
Violence: not too much not too little, good for old and good for young
Interactivity: absolutely interactive! I suggest for even more keyboard interactions.
Humor: nice soothing cheeky humors^^ I guess it was meant for all audiences. Keep up this good work you guys! Love ya!


While there was obviously a lot of effort put into this, I found the interface to require too much clicking, hence the 10 for interactivity. Also, the scarecrow killed me and I had already spent 10 precious minute of my life on this game (I'll never get those back!) While it was semi hilarious it does make you start all over again, which is kinda lame. The text for Looking/touching yourself and others was pretty funny too (and the goblin fart heh) If you like RPG's and need to kill time this is the game for you. but don't go for it if you expect some hard core action. I mustv'e had to click 20 times just to find out I couldnt light a bush on fire :, ( Overall though... Very well done (thank you for reading my Long *** incoherent review :)