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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"

So Yoshi is a lesbian huh?

You're the man Randy!


When i saw it i was looking for the humor in it oh well i found it tho.
its fun to look at them scene's for ones. Its not like wow great!!! But
its ok =). Go on and create more of them or just without scenes and in 1 movie with some gore or something would be fun
Graphics: Good
Style: Nice!
Sound: Good
Violence: Not Really
Interactivity: Nice.
Humor: Nice!

Ain't talkin' bout lOOove

There are some errors... I think...
The cursor hide under the logo on the top of the screen when you pass on(under) it.
Some sounds hurt when wearing a headphone.
Otherwise, that was a cute humor, the type you show to your girlfriend...
Oh and I like the firsts Van Halens

tsk tsk...

The movies that VGDC has been producing as of late are lacking that usual appeal that Randy set up with some of his other classics. It was once a rare miss to see such an average movie, but I don't know anymore. Sorry Randy...

best yoshis island

This is by far the best yoshis island. The animation is smooth and the humor is great. I never liked the way the graphics are for yoshis island though. Good movie.