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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"

very funny

Even thoug it was short it still was funny.

Oh my God, that was funny!

Jez, that was funny. Especially the last one. HA!
I heard this was going to be the last one. =( Ah, damn. I love these things.

Hah, good laughs on all three.

I never really thought Yoshi's had a gender. I always thought they were asexual (with the whole "eating things and making eggs suddenly" deal), but I still liked that certain scene nonetheless.

Also, I'm actually happy that this one doesn't involve another three Baby Mario deaths. Good job.

could have been better

I thought that the yoshi's islands series was devoted to killing baby mario. not this. It was funny, i'll tell you that. but kind of lame at the same time.


Love the frog.... yes I know he died ^^ And Mario..... He needs to die... or atleast get hammered ^^;;; All in all a wonderful flash. I love how you stuck to the classic video game style.