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Reviews for "Sasuke V.s. Naruto"

Love it

This thing ROCKS!!!!!!!This is a good tribute to Naruto.I also love the way u amke teh chars speak japanese and teh sprites doesnt look like little sqrs. like other sprites do.

loved it

lols. gd stuff you got here dude. however i have a suggestion. why don't you put subtitles? i mean i liked it really but i didn't understand what they were saying. i only understood what the jitsu and taijitsu they used. other then that, except for no subs, great work! hope to see more submissions from u.


Nice one

Nice dont i wish there was a game online like this and this is unbelieevabell. this is the second anime series that got me hooked the very first time i saw it.the other is samurai x. funny though. ilike it for exactly the same the awesome music, humor, fighting and.... ummmm....ITS ANIME I CANT IMAGINE WHY ANYONE WOULD HATE ANIME!! go naruto!! woohoo! i dont care if this flash is in japanese, i understand japanese okaaaayyyy i need to relax

Nice Naruto flash.

I'm somewhat a fan of the series. But anyway this was well done. The use of the sprites and everything. Make another involving sasuke and gaara. That was a great fight between those two in the chuin exams.


Well, fortunately I can speak japanese, so i understood it, but add subtitles so other people can understand. Other than that really good job! Keep up the good work.