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Reviews for "Sasuke V.s. Naruto"


hmm LMFAO tat was hilarious man.well nice job(i get wat they say)i watch naruto my bro dls it i think on episode 169 now


This was a great flash but i dont understand what they are saying. And where did you get your sasuke sprites im trying to make a flash with him.

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

wow this is very good eaccept one thing i dont speek japanese so i dont understand it dat well but i did understand a little


Hey man i think that your movie with naruto and saskue uchia was cool
i think that you did an amazing job how did you do it..? how long did it take i love the japanese voice overs nice.... I wanna know if you can tell me the program you used i really wanna do the thing you did but, with different people... i really enjoyed it.. cant wait for more please write back with an answer if you can tell me how you did it and what did you use to make it... cya..

WTF was that

i only enjoyed the fighting