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Reviews for "Sasuke V.s. Naruto"


Sakura-Chaaaan ^_^
Nice work. Small but strong.


As a big naruto fan..............i think it whas great yay more more more


it was cool i liked it when sakura falls over :) but anyway it was great action between naruto and sasuke

Not bad at all

I like the ending theme song... Is this a ending theme song from Naruto?

:: Listens to song :: Sorry I know that the song is not about the flash... but damn I like it *Soft J-pop... ^.^ *

About the flash...

I like the original Japanese Dialogue you kept *even though I don't know what the fuck they're saying...* Perhaps if you include Dialogue *or make crappy translations for those with a sense of humor* and I liked the sprites... you make them move and everything!

:: Still listening to the song... ::

Damn I really like this song!

Good job. Consider making Sprite flashes... you have potential!


but why end it with the uzumaki naruto combo why the not chidori or the summoning teqniqe even the lion combo