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Reviews for "go go go"

i liked it =)

i thought it was really awsome, except "fist", i didnt like his moves =\ but snake was crazy!! but yea the drawings dont look to professinal, but i thought it was really smooth, very anime like ( the shaky cam with "sword") plus i love the fact u used rock lees theme =) (Naruto rules!) hope u make a series or a part 2 out of this.

Good Stuff...

I though it was good overall, the graphics were unique, it was a mixed up storyline about three dudes, but in a good way, and it was put together well. Just one thing about the guy with the sword + blue jumper - That is one HELL of a double chin.

I'm just glad that purple dude sliced him up.

THAT'S IT!?!?!

Make more! it's really good but really short

great animation

the animation was great but the snake part was taken from jackie chan


crazy to watch