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Reviews for "go go go"


It's very stylized, kind of simple. But the animation is fairly well done. Keep improving. =]

Very good!

Great work on this movie. I really enjoyed it, actually everything about it. I say, great job for making a perfect replica of those fight scenes. Its hard to copy something, and make it recognizableat the same time. But you did just that. Everything stood out as being good or even better so congrats on that. Here is my review.

The graphics were good for some reasons and not so good for others. They were definitely nice overall though. The drawings were good sometimes, on occasion they had a really cool style to them. But at other times they seemed a bit skethcy, and the characters seemed unpolished. The colours, while simple did a good job of accentuating soemthings. The animation was also very good, it was fairly smooth, and it was always clear as to what was going on. The style was great overall, your animating style was nice. I liked the idea of making an animated version of those fight scenes, its not easy to make it so accurate, so congrats there. For your next movie, use these fight scenes as inspiration to make your own! The sound was also great, i liked how the song was used. It really added a lot to the final product. Besides, i just liked the song!

Overall this was a great movie, and it was quite fun to watch. One or two word reviews dont matter, ones that give lots of valid input should be the ones that matter to you. Anyways im looking forward to more of your stuff. Keep it up!
~Two Thumbs Up 4/5

jackie chan?

ok I remeber the snake part being from an early jackie chan movie. what the fuck? oh well it was great though so I give you props.

Very good

I liked it though the drawing could have been better but i liked your style.

great animation

the artwor was crappy, but the animation was some of the smoothiest ive ever seen.