Reviews for "Daily2oon08252005"


im sure you wont answer this, but, star syndicate, uh, nvm. go star syndicate?

How can people like this crap?

Ok, I have watched a few of these Daily2oons, read about their history, and lurked through their reviews, and I still don't understand how people like this crap!!!

Graphics: I liked the menu, but thats about it graphics-wise. (5/10)

Style: Sorry, but the "style" here seems to be projected towards idiot brainless flash junkies, not people with a good sense of it. (0/10)

Sound: Liked the intro, but again, thats about it. Couldnt stand the annoying sound from jetninjin's part. (5/10)

Violence: Okay, no real violence, but the part done by Blam_Master and also MisfitBlobs implied violence in a way, so I guess I have to give some points. (3/10)

Interactivity: Menu was about it...if only the rest of this stuff was as good as the menu.... (3/10)

Humor: Don't find anything funny about this crap. (0/10)

Overall: Like I say above, make the WHOLE FLASH as well done as the MENU and you may have something worth my time. (2/10)

no more strobing!!!!

Is it just me? Or is making strobe light's in flash popular now?
I find this effect really annoying. If this were on a television screen(which I am usually at least three feet way from) this would still be unimpressive, but less annoying, but most people watch flash ten inches away from a computer screen.

When I saw the menu I had high expectation's, I bet you spent more time on the intro and menu than you did on the flashes themselve's.


what the guy below me said...


Seriously, these daily toons universally suck. At least you guys are getting better, but you'd be much better if you pooled into a normal flash. BTW Bush makes the weed look bad.