Reviews for "Daily2oon08252005"


i didint really understand the first one but i have to say this is like emo/rapper/super hero anime


Wonderfully homosexual.

To each of you...

jetninjin: Weird, but in a good way. It's almost like those stupid perfume commercials. Poor little boy.

Misfit Blob: I normal don't like stuff like this. (Don't care for president based stuff, usually don't bother with hip-hop.) However, this was enjoyable with Bush riding around and what's spraypainted on the vehicle. Who doesn't have that opinion?

Blam Master: My god. Decent, but could have done without the flashing background. And the hero holding the speer. I would have expected that to be from the Clocks (there power of B thing.)

All in all, all were great in graphics, animation, content(It's not pointless), and sound. I don't look at any of it as funny or violent, but some may disagree. Good luck in the future for you all.

great job as always

blam master- seizure!!111


i thought it was an excellent daily 2oon... jet ninjins was a bit funny and the graphics were aight, misfit bob's flash with mista bush puffin on that fat blunt was aight, and the blam masta's flash was aight...