Reviews for "Daily2oon08252005"


ok. fer shiz. can the star synendacoot get any better? it probably can! but who cares!?!?!? this stuff is kickass. i don't really feel the need to say what i think about each person's part, but what the hell i'll probably end up saying anyway. here goes..............nevermind, i'm done.


jetninjin: 8/5
Misfit Blob 6/5
Blam_Master 6/5

Overall: 9/5

Unlimited pwnage to the maximum


a classic again

NIce day.

Blam_Master should make a fine memeber of the SS. the flash was really good.

jetninjin omg how many dateless wonders can related to that flash, that browse the portal looking for a fbf graphic intensive flash.

Misfitblob hahaha ok. wheres the ridin spinnaz

That was interesting, to say the least.

But I enjoyed it anyway, and as a result, gave it a 5.