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Reviews for "LL - Fire and YOU"


That was entertaining. I didn't get the part about firelock or flamelock or whatever. Great work, though!

MasterLock responds:

There was no FireLock, you must be talking about WaterLock, he was the one that "sacrificed" himself to put out my flames.


lawl, fifened.

Very funny and good artwork. The old movie effect was really good.

MasterLock responds:

Thank joo Deviant.


SIGN ME UP MISTER!OR TELL ME WHERE TO,CAUSE IM JOINING THE LOCK LEGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i hope someone of the lock legion will make a movie about it.....no?...aw :(...

MasterLock responds:

www.locklegion.com make sure you read the rules, we have tons of banned noobs who don't read the rules. :)

yeah i read those rules

im officialy in the lock legion!and i huh...need someone to make flash movies for me...if youre interested(wich at 99% i believe you are not)well i cant show u my email adress...but it contains djman_666(then there is the little a commercial or whatever its called)hotmail(dot)com,i know you wont wanna but i tried....damn noob i am....i suck at flash but you dont!please?....no?....damnit :(

MasterLock responds:

If you can't make flash, the strict admins/mods will likely ban you. Better start learning!

Of course.

Of coures, I gave it a five.

MasterLock responds:

I see you've been lurking around the Lock Legion Collections hm? Thanks for the five. :D